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ISO 14001 Compliance

Become a Sustainability Leader with an Environmental Management System (EMS)

What is an EMS?

An EMS helps organizations identify, manage, monitor, and control their environmental footprint. It shows a company’s commitment to:
1. Operate in an environmentally responsible manner
2. Continually monitor and improve environmental performance
3. Fulfill regulatory compliance obligations


Benefits of an EMS:

With an EMS in place your company can:
Track and manage the environmental footprint of your activities, products and services
Reduce operational costs and improve efficiency by identifying energy waste, greenhouse
gas emissions, unnecessary use of resources, or poor waste management practices
Improve reputation and credibility by communicating your efforts to your clients
Gain new customers looking to do business with environmentally responsible companies
Ensure regulatory compliance and certification requirements
Improve employee engagement by showing your company’s commitment to sustainability


Is an EMS difficult or expensive to implement?

An EMS does not necessarily involve drastic changes or excessive costs.
In many cases, improving the efficiency of your business also reduces operational costs. Most organizations already have many of the pieces of an EMS in place. The EMS simply builds on what you are doing well now and provides a structured approach to improve what you want to do better.
We will help you fill out our proprietary templates to achieve compliance in a limited timeframe.


Why ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is the most widely used standard for the development of an Environmental Management System with over 350,000 certified companies worldwide.
This certification is suitable for organizations no matter their size, industry, or sector.


Third-Party Assurance

SuperGreen Solutions has partnered with the independent third-party audit firm iCompli—who certified the Vancouver Convention Centre under the ASTM standard— to provide a simple and affordable framework for small businesses to achieve compliance with ISO 14001. iCompli is approved by ISO to issue the ISO 14001 compliance statement, verifying that a company has met the SGS ISO 14001 standard.


Is the Supergreen Solutions certificate of compliance equal to the traditional ISO certification?

The SGS ISO 14001 program meets all the standards of the traditional (large company) program. In other words, from ISO’s standpoint, it is the same. The key difference is that SGS and iCompli spent the time and money to pre-customize the SGS ISO 14001 compliance program. This dramatically reduces the work and cost that normally occurs at the client level, done by a consultant. By doing so, we simplified the program, allowing the SGS franchisees to use the same template repeatedly. Besides making it easier for the client and the SGS franchisee, it also reduces the cost to us, at iCompi, to do our auditing and certification work.
So, yes, certification from iCompli is the same for small, medium or large companies, and the SGS ISO 14001 program meets those certification standards. However, as stated, our audit protocols vary depending on company size. Had we not created the SGS ISO 14001 program, a small company would probably have trouble justifying the cost of the traditional ISO 14001 program. But, given the pre-work we did, it is now affordable for all businesses.