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Energy Efficient Lighting for Home or Business

SuperGreen Solutions is one of the world's premiere advisors, suppliers, and installers of commercial and residential LED lighting solutions and tubular skylights. LEDs use approximately 75% less energy than traditional lights and will save an estimated 60%-80% on the lighting aspect of your electric bill. There are no toxic chemicals involved in LED lighting; therefore, broken bulbs can be picked up without the danger of coming into contact with hazardous materials. LED bulbs are also durable and can last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. Tubular skylights capture daylight through an acrylic dome that reflects low angle light down through the tubing. This maximizes light throughout your home or business. These unique tubular skylights fit all roof types and can be installed in commercial buildings. Tax credits of up to 30% are available for LED lighting through the federal government. Don't miss out on savings. Call one of our lighting specialists or request a free energy assessment to learn about available tax credits, incentives, and rebates!

LED Lighting

LED lighting offers many benefits as an option to illuminate any space including, extended lifetime, low maintenance, low power consumption, increased brightness and low heat coefficient.



Natural lighting sources such as from skylights are an essential tool for attaining sustainability in residential and commercial spaces alike.